Add a New Listing for Your Business

The process for adding your own business to our directory contains 3 steps-

  1. Register as a user
  2. Create the new listing
  3. Claim the new listing you created in Step 2

A note on why you should claim your listing?

We've set it up this way because we allow all visitors the option to add new listings, whether or not they actually own the business they are adding. This helps our community grow fast. As an owner you can claim your listing giving you these additional rights:

  • You can edit your listing anytime- add new pictures, update text, changing items & more.
  • You will be notified by email when a visitor rates and/or reviews your business.
  • You can reply to all reviews as "the owner".


Step 1 - Complete Registration Process

Before claiming your listing, you need to register so we know who you are!

Click Here to REGISTER

( NOTE: This will open a new window. When you are done with the registration come back to this page to complete the process! )

You will receive an email after you complete the registration form. You need to click the link in the email to complete the process so we can active your new account.


Step 2 - Add New Listing

Once you've successfully completed the registration process you can create your listing. Clicking the button below will take you to a new screen where you you'll first select the category and then go on to supplying the necessary information...


( NOTE: This will open a new window. When you are done creating your listing come back to this page to complete the process! )


Final Step - Claim your Listing

Go to your new listing page and click the button that says CLAIM THIS BUSINESS

claim this listing 2

A new window will appear that asks you to "Please provide some information that will allow us to verify your ownership claim". You can type your email address, phone number or anything else that helps us identify you.

When you are done, we will receive your claim. It usually takes a day or two for us to approve the claim.

If it takes longer just use our Contact Form or call us at 916-847-7932 and we'll get on it!


How to Edit your Listing

You'll receive an email as soon as your claim is approved. Once that's done you'll be able to edit your listing whenever you like.

edit this listing 2

You will notice that you now have a new MANAGE button on your listings page (It looks like a small gear).

You must be logged in to see this button!

Click the SETTINGS button to start editing.