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we are waiting to sell vegetables for consumers

Brookfield,IL Farmers Market

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The Brookfield Farmers Market is a family-friendly market featuring seasonal and sustainable produce, honey, fresh eggs, and baked goods. 

Whispering Leaf Farms LLC

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We grow our own vegetables the natural way. We are working with the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association to go USDA Certified Organic in 2019.
We have harvested large and tasty yellow squash and zucchini with lots more to come. We will soon have heirloom sweet corn, ...potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green and yellow beans, onions, red and green cabbage, radishes, beets, peas, carrots, and pumpkins. All our plants are grown from certified organic non-GMO seeds. We have our own wells so our plants are well watered. Our Farm Market is located in front of our farm. Farm to table!

Norwich New York Farmers Market

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Year round local products (including fiber).  Also accepts credit cards.

Yellowknife Farmers Market

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The Yellowknife Farmers Market is a non-profit society formed in 2013 to promote and grow the local food system in Yellowknife. The summer Tuesday market is a natural byproduct of this vision. The Market provides a venue for economic exchange and a marketplace for Yellowknifers to purchase locally baked, cooked, processed and harvested goods. When organizers first planned the Market they nervously wondered if anyone would show up. Indeed they did! The weekly summer Market and the annual Christmas Farmers Market have been packed since the very first week. The Yellowknife Farmers Market has an economic impact to the local economy of close to $1 million annually. It’s quickly become the gathering place for friends and family to enjoy a dinner in the sun and support local growers, harvesters, bakers, cooks and artists. However, did you know that the Yellowknife Farmers Market is more than just a Market? The organization is guided by three objectives, with the Market being just one of them.

1.   To facilitate the Yellowknife Farmers Market;

2.  To support food based economic development; and

3.  To support the development of local food systems.

In addition to facilitating and operating the Market, the Board of Directors is building programs to support local growers who want to grow commercially and leading the development of a Yellowknife Food Charter to drive social and political action on food security.

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