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How it Works


What is eatlocalgrown?

The eatlocalgrown project is a crowd-sourced community driven tool that helps you find, rate and share locally grown food.

There are categories for:

  • farms
  • farmers markets
  • restaurants
  • grocery/co-ops

And also all kinds of artisans like butchers and cheese makers.

PS- If you're curious, here's the story of Why we started eatlocalgrown

What does crowd-sourced mean?

It means that the project gets it content (the actual listings and reviews) from visitors to the site (people like you). In other words, we count on our community to add new listings and help the directory grow. As a community member you can also submit ratings and reviews.

Yes, that means that *you* can add a new listing right now!

How to search

Currently, searches are limited to city or zip code and distance. You simply enter a location and then let us know how far to look (10 miles, 20 miles, etc.)

Try a search:

In the future we'll be adding many advanced search filters such as products, organic certification, non-GMO and more!

Is eatlocalgrown free?

Yes! All basic listings are free to any business that works with locally grown food. As of right now, we only have basic listings. In the future we may create an upgraded listing program. FYI- That also means that the only revenue the project receives is from the ads that you see on the site (hint, hint).

Who uses eatlocalgrown?

We've got a wide range of people in the community. A large portion are self proclaimed 'locavores', people that pride themselves on sourcing as much as possible from their local communities. There's a also a lot of people who are very serious about promoting 'real food' and understand how important small farms are in that regard. For the most part, it's a mix of people that are probably a lot like you- interested in healthy food, supporting your local community and sharing with friends and family.


Who screens the listings? How do you prevent "local-washing"?

At some point in your life your Mom probably told you something along the lines of this- "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".

Thanks Mom. For the most part that's probably pretty good all-round advice. But in this context, not so much. What we're doing here is serious work so "BAD" reviews are as important as good ones. They might even be more important.

Our philosophy is that, over time, the cream will naturally rise to the top. We're depending on the community (if you haven't figured it out by now, that's you) to determine what's legit and what's not. How? Through the ratings and reviews. If a business is represented as a supporter of local food when the really aren't, we're counting on you to out them with a poor review.


Claim your Business

Ramsey Farmers Market Natural Trading Company Amy's Organics

Any visitor has the option to add new listings, but we only allow business owners (or managers) to claim a listing.

Why should you claim your listing?

Claiming your listing is fast and easy (and free) and provides you with these additional rights:

  1. You can edit your listing anytime- add new pictures, update text, changing items & more.
  2. You will be notified by email when a visitor rates and/or reviews your business.
  3. You can reply to all reviews as "the owner".

How to Claim your Listing