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Shady Grove Ranch
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Shady Grove Ranch offers grass-fed-and-grass-finished beef that tender, juicy, and not-too-lean. We raise pastured eggs, pork, chicken, and turkey without the use of soy or GMO feeds. We sell by-the-cut, in samplers, and in bulk from the farm. Shady Grove Ranch strives to produce the best-tasting and most nutritious food available in East Texas. To do this, we use rotational grazing, cafeteria-style mineralization, and natural management practices. For our grain-supplemented animals (not the cows!), we use a 3rd-party-tested-GMO-free, soy-free, certified organic feed mix. We supplement raw skim milk from a natural dairy operation when available. We never medicate except in emergencies, and only then if there is absolutely no alternative. Our cows receive 16 different minerals, all free-choice, as well as an enzyme and pre-biotic supplement to ensure efficient digestion. We supplement grass and legume hay as necessary. You will find that our animals are not too lean and have excellent texture and flavor. Our breeds include Red Devon Cattle, Large Black Hogs, and a wide variety of laying chickens, including Delaware, Americauna, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Barred Rock, Australorp, and several s.



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