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Reviewed by Guest June 30, 2013

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A lot of produce is not locally grown, fruits and veggies are sold just like they would be in a store (same brands, with plu codes and stickers)
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Written by lisamarie
March 05, 2014
I am not sure your comment is accurate. My co-worker works at a farm in the summary that sells and the NT Market. She explained to me the reason the PLU code is sometimes on the fruit or veggie is because the will sell to Wegams (for example) and for whatever reason they will sell the item back. The farmer doesn't take the time to remove the PLU before bringing it to Market. Please confirm this with the farm you are buying from before assuming it is not locally grown. In some cases you are correct. I have seen banana's and avocado at the NT Market. Clearly those are not local. But some local grocery stores will buy from local farmers during the season, so in cases like cukes and zukes, my co-worker could be correct.
1 results - showing 1 - 1