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Suzanne Poot (1976 – The Netherlands)

Writer - Public speaker - Hippocrates Health Educator - Vegan Rawfood

Suzanne was feeling sick for years. The doctors couldn't help her so she started to read and learn about food and healthcare. She became aware of how farmaceutical and food industries operate. She took her own responsibility, wanted to feel fit again and followed the 21 Life Change Programm at the worlds leading health instiute: The Hippocrates Health Institute. This experience not only changed her life but it also altered her vision on diseases, health and healing. She had never felt this good in her whole life and wanted to share this knowledge, her experience and stories of other very sick people who cured themselves via this lifestyle. Her Dutch book Rauw, Naakt en Gezond became a bestseller in Holland and in august this year her book was also released in English. Raw, Naked and Healthy is now sold in more than 15 countries worldwide! You can follow Suzanne Poot on Pinterest, Instagram, on twitter @SDPoot or like her facebookpage Rauw, Naakt en Gezond. 


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