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Elaine Good has been a nursery school teacher, a mentor to teen girls, and a chef at market research facilities where, in addition to creating organic meals for her corporate clients she conducts controlled taste tests for everything from fruit to hot dogs for over ten years.

Elaine has also worked as a day chef at hotels, hospitals, celebrity events and a meal processing facility in Los Angeles. Eating at work put her taste buds and digestive tract on overload. Born allergic to dairy, Elaine began to develop gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes for herself. These meals became so refined that she tried them out on her corporate clients; it’s one thing to think you’re eating ‘diet food’ and another to compare it to what we think of as classic fine food. When the gluten, dairy, sugar and salt free meals were met with unsolicited rave reviews she felt confident enough to become a personal chef preparing calorie based meals for actor Bradley Cooper.

Elaine has a line of seasonings she calls HERBLENDS, which are salt and sugar free Fusions of Signature Flavors. Elaine also offers organic ‘Hands-On-Cooking Workshops’ and ‘Foodie Shopping Sprees’ in the greater Los Angeles area.



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