Dr. Steve


Dr. Steve, Wellness and Fitness Expert is the founder of the innovative Belly Fat Inferno Program and is committed to helping men and women of all ages look and feel great in the fastest, easiest and most effective way possible. He can help you if you struggle with how you look in the mirror or if you feel like your body is letting you down and the years are taking their toll.

Dr. Steve offers a free report on the Truth about Cardio and Other Fat Loss Myths, a free 16 minute fat blast workout and a special offer on any BFI paid membership program. Please click on the following link: The Belly Fat Inferno Site (PS- Here's a special eatlocalgrown.com coupon code: ELG0313)

The Wellness Mama


I’m Katie, aka: the Wellness Mama. This blog is my passion and my hobby. My goal and primary objective in writing is to help you sort through all the conventional bad health advice and live a healthier life. Katie is dedicated to providing her family with the healthiest foods and lifestyle possible and help you do the same!

Kris Gunnars


Kris Gunnars is a medical student, personal trainer and someone who has spent years reading books, blogs and research studies on health and nutrition. Kris believes that there is an immense amount of evidence that runs completely contradictory to what the governments and dietitians around the world are recommending. Since starting medical school and becoming a personal trainer, he's learned that the textbooks on nutrition that our future doctors and health authorities read are based on that same faulty or nonexistent evidence. Kris' goal is change that!
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Nick Meyer - AltHealthWORKS


Nick Meyer is an independent health researcher and journalist and the founder of AltHealthWORKS. Nick's mission is to "tell the many incredible stories of the growing holistic and natural health community, stories that had slipped through the cracks of the traditional media." He's been cited by Dr. Joseph Mercola of Mercola.com and published on the website of The Cornucopia Institute. Nick has also written several books for the Amazon Kindle covering important health topics, which can be viewed here.

Nick is currently offering eatlocalgrown readers a free copy of his e-book 'Healing Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest.'

Grant Donovan


Grant Donovan is a health and fitness enthusiast and the founder mensfitclub.com. His mission is to empower men to get the most out of their lives by staying active and eating healthy. Find Grant on Facebook and Twitter.