Are These Foods What Kids Want? Or Are They What Corporations Want Them To Want? Hot
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We've all seen those fast food commercials on television where they're telling us how amazing their new double-mega-crunchy-spicy-whatever thing is and how it will change your life and that you're pretty much a loser if you don't get down here right now and put this in your food hole! If you're like me you roll your eyes and thank the heavens for whoever came up with a DVR so you could skip this crap.

But did you ever think about why they always seem to have the new greatest thing ever?

Well, think about the last time you ate at one of these places. Did the item you ordered even come close to resembling what the commercial promised? Of course not.

One look at the people slopping that food together will give you a clue as to why. Do they look like motivated individuals who just love their job and are doing everything in their power to deliver a magical culinary experience. Of course not.

Now look at the price- $1.99? $2.99? Let's stretch and say it was $4.29! Did you really think a company can deliver you real food at that price AND pay rent AND pay employees AND spend $2 gazillion dollars on advertising AND Make a profit? Of course not.

So back to the question: Why is there always some newfangled special meal they seem to be pitching so hard?

The answer is simple-- They have to keep coming up with new stuff because there's no way you're gonna go back and order the same crappy meal you had last time. They know you were disappointed. Because they know they produce a sub-par product. They're just hoping that you'll fall for the same old trick again. And obviously a lot of people do because the commercials keep coming and the lines at the drive-thru still wrap around the block.

Food MythBusters Says...

Big Food spends close to $2 billion every year telling kids and teens what's cool to eat through advertising, promotions, and sponsorships. Meanwhile, across the country, fast-food chains are crowding out grocery stores and supermarkets, narrowing the healthy food choices available.

Scary? It sure is, but together, we can work to curb this predatory marketing and stand up for real food. We believe that marketing targeting to children and teenagers is a public health crisis.

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