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This documentary goes into the facts of what has been happening to our food industry and agricultural system in the US and around the world. Our agricultural system has been drastically changing, based off the use of chemicals and genetically modified seed produced by biotechnology corporations.

Whoever Controls the Seed Controls the Market

The patenting of seeds has been one of the biggest issues that farmers have with companies, such as Monsanto.

Terry Zakreski - Percy Schmeiser’s attorney had this to say about his case dealing with Monsanto v. Percy,

“One of the biggest issues in the case, is where to draw the line between the people and the companies that produce and come up with this new technology, the line ended up getting drawn way into the farmers fields, and our contention was that the line should clearly be drawn, such that, farmers have a right to continue to farm.”

Biotech corporations are trying to overtake the food industry, to the point where they have total control and serve us everything we eat. These patents can be purchased on any type of seed, it does not even have to be a genetically modified seed, meaning companies could own the rights to naturally occurring seed. They could survive as a company without harassing  these farmers or buying up all the seed patents, but this way they can make the most money and stay on top.

Percy Schmeiser - Canadian farmer had this to add.

“I say that, our best grains, our best seeds, have not been developed by research people or scientist, they have been developed by farmers.”

Genetically modified crops may seem like a good idea at first glance, but without the proper testing and necessary boundaries, it has gotten out of control. Almost all of the food grown in the United States are genetically modified now, and the diversity is limited to mostly corn, cotton, canola, and soy. These are the crops that the government is willing to pay farmers subsides on if they grow, and the biotech corporations are continually modifying.

The Destruction of our Agricultural System...

Dr. Charles M. Benbrook - Former Director, Board on Agriculture, National Academy of Science stated that,

“Whatever you gain in efficiency, is lost, because you lose in diversity”

Before we had GM crops in the United States, our agricultural system was doing fine, and the promises of genetically modified crops has not been all that they were said to be. Today we can see that farming of GMOs has helped to created a surplus of GM crops that farmers cannot sell, lower the biodiversity of our agricultural system in the United States, create health issues among the population, increase environmental harm, and increased demand for organic foods.

 Worst of all that has been created by the biotechnology industry is what some call the “terminator technology”

Andrew Kimbrell - Executive Director, Center for Food Safety explains, 

“This technology is basically a suicide gene, that is put into the crop, so after  one planting. They commit suicide. You cannot save the seed then, because the seed is sterile.”

 This is alarming when you think that these plants, genetically modified to die off, could be able to cross with other plants, and the results would be devastating. This could result in the dying off of thousands if not millions of species of plants throughout the world, all because Monsanto wants farmers to pay them more than they already do.


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