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So, you have a bunch of holiday parties to go to over the next few weeks with a bunch of people that you either work with all day or live beside.  What the heck are you going to talk to them about for ANOTHER two hours?

Never fear! I have created a list of some hot new terms floating around the nutrition world that you can pull out to dazzle and impress and start a facsinating conversation that will carry you through until the Swedish meatballs come out.

If necessary, don’t be afraid to print this out and carry it with you until January 2.

1. "Fermented Foods"

This sounds like food that has gone bad…and it sort of is, but in reality fermented foods are very, very good. Fermented foods like kimchi, kefir, raw sauerkraut (not the stuff the guy at the hot dog stand is ladling out), and miso are filled with billions of good bacteria that travel to your digestive tract and help you fight off the bad bacteria, help you better digest food, and super-charge your immune system.

2. "Plant-Based"

This is the new term for “vegan” because everyone hates vegans – even vegans – and no one wants to be called a vegan any more. The problem is that eating plants is it’s still arguably the healthiest way to eat so they just came up with a new name for it. Problem solved!

3. "Saturated Fat"

Saturated fat is back baby! As long as it comes in the shape and size of a coconut. Coconut contains a special kind of saturated fat called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which many are arguing are actually really good for your heart. So, coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut anything – get it while you can because you know that in a few months it will turn out to be really bad for you.

4. Stevia

Stevia is a plant that can be used as a natural sweetener. It’s chemical free and won’t raise blood sugar which makes it a great alternative to all things sugar (that includes you agave).

5. Grain-Free

Gluten-free is so 2013. 2014 is going to be all about “grain-free.” This is the next step in the gluten-free movement and involves eliminating ALL grains (wheat, barley, oats, rice, etc.). And, yes, this even includes all those “whole grains” that make up that big second tier in the Food Pyramid and that magazines have been telling you to eat for the past decade. Many people find that eliminating all grains helps rid them of problems such as arthritis, IBS and even stubborn weight gain.

6. Kombucha

This is technically part of #1, but it’s so hot right now that you might want to highlight it specifically if you want to seem extra cool. Kombucha is fermented tea which you can either drink plain or with different flavours added such as peach, ginger and blueberry. In fact, if you’re hosting the party, you could even blow your guests’ minds by creating a signature drink using kombucha – fermented AND fancy!

7. Leaky Gut

You have this and so does everyone else at the party. Well, maybe not everyone…but close. Leaky gut is when years of poor digestion resulting from a diet high in sugar, fat and processed food, causes inflammation in your digestive tract which eventually causes the walls of your large and small intestines to develop cracks and holes – they become “leaky.” When this happens, undigested food particles can get through and directly enter your bloodstream. This is not good. This leads to many unpleasant symptoms such as allergies, IBS, arthritis, eczema and asthma. Add lots of #1 and #6 to your diet to help reverse this!


8. Chia Seeds

Yup, they’re the same ones you soaked and rubbed on your Chia Pet in the 80’s. Well, it turns out that they’re not just a novelty act, they’re actually a Super Food! Full of protein, fibre, calcium and Omega 3 fatty acids chia seeds can be eaten on salads, cereal and baked into pretty much anything. Just don’t eat them right before the party because they’re a b*#ch to get out of your teeth!

9. Turmeric is the new Kale

What kale was in 2013 is what turmeric will be in 2014. This unassuming little spice that has been diligently making curry yellow for the past hundred years is finally getting its turn in the spotlight. It turns out that turmeric is downright brimming with nutritional benefits like slowing the progression of cancers, detoxing the liver, acting a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and treating skin conditions such as psoriasis.

So there you go.  You will now appear brilliant and wise to all of your colleagues, co-workers, neighbors and friends.

You’re welcome and happy holidays!


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