Top 3 Ways to Stop Holiday Weight Gain Before it Ever Shows Up Hot
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1. Continue to exercise every day except Christmas and New Year’s —Even if you are traveling

If you are staying at home during the holiday season this is easy and simple—meaning, just keep working out.

Better yet if you want to pig out or indulge a bit in the seasonal goodies, just add in an extra workout every other day and you are good.

Remember, as I have taught you, science shows that it is all about intensity if you want to lose or maintain your weight.

What I mean is that for burning fat and maximizing after burn it is far better to do two 10-20 minute high intensity workouts a day than 1 long workout every other day.

This is highly advantageous for most of us as it is far easier to work in 2 fat-blast ‘shorties’ into your busy holiday schedule than carve out bigger chunks of time…

…and that means you will actually do it and

Stop Holiday Weight Gain Before it Ever Shows Up

So what if you are travelling during the holidays?  This is a little more challenging because you are out of your element and your workout routine has been disrupted.

However no worries-this is an opportune time to resort to your strategic do anywhere anytime On the Go Workouts.

For this situation I love going to the Belly Fat Inferno arsenal and pulling out my body weight resistance workouts (weeks 11 and 12 in the BFI basic program) and the hybrid crossfit-resistance band fusion workouts in The BFI Fast Track Program.

Just find an 8×8 space and 10-15minutes to get in your quick-take-care-of-business and on the go workout.

The hybrid workouts only require you to pack one small piece of equipment- a resistance band with a safety door stop-and the body weight workouts require absolutely zero equipment!  How simple is that?

2.   Eat as Much as You want of the Right Foods-It’s All About Quality not Quantity in the Fat-Burning World!

Short answer- if you get most of your calories from plants and whole foods (single ingredients, non-processed foods) it is pretty hard to overeat and gain weight.

So have your turkey and gravy and some pie, but make sure you eat lots of raw salad and fruit, and steamed or roasted veggies and healthy starches.

Use the Okinawan hara hachi bu strategy of eating until you are 80% full and then wait until the brain catches up to the stomach.

Use the caloric staggering and workout timing I discuss below to keep your metabolism rev’d up and in fat-burning mode.

Don’t worry if you are a newcomer and don’t know how to do this.

You will learn all about these fat-blast, lean muscle building and health restorative tactics once you register for your BFI 12 week comprehensive program.

It is designed to get you that dream body and reclaim your health quickly and easily and with results…and it is all about results is it not?

If you want to get the full experience of a virtual personal trainer, community and support and finally learn how and when to eat to become vibrantly healthy, lean and fit, then click here: bellyfatinferno

3.   Get Enough Sleep, Time Your Workouts and Use Glycogen Cycling to Maximize Fat and Caloric After-burn

Ever notice when you allow yourself to sleep in and grab an extra 2-3 hours of winks you look a little taller and feel a little bit lighter.

You know why?  The answer is:  Because you are!

…And the reason you are lighter is that while you are sleeping all that time you are also fasting.

…And the reason you are a little taller is that you have been laying down for some extra hours and removing most of the vertical compression of gravity off of your spine.

So it is definitely recommended to get at least get 8 hours of sleep to stay lean.

Now to make this really play out in your favor, get one of those quick little on the go workouts handled soon after wakening.

You will be exercising in a glycogen-depleted state due to your overnight fasting and your body will have no choice but to burn fat for energy.

Pretty cool-huh?   This is Mind over Body-and the mind always wins!

Smarter yet is to wait after your workout for another hour or two before eating which extends your fast and after-burn.

I call this caloric staggering and glycogen cycling and don’t worry if you are a newcomer and don’t know how to get started.

You will learn all about these fat-blast, lean muscle and immunity-building tactics once you register for your BFI twelve week complete program.

If you want to get the full experience of a trusted and committed virtual personal trainer with community, accountability,  and support, then click here: bellyfatinferno

Here’s to You Looking Good and Feeling Great and having a great holiday!

Dr. Steve

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