Grocery Manufacturers Association donates $5 Million more to Prevent GMO Labels Hot
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Today, the Just Label It campaign called out the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), a national big food lobby group representing companies like Kraft, Pepsico and Kellogg’s, for donating another $5 million to defeat an initiative to label genetically engineered foods in Washington state. To date, GMA has donated a sum of $7.2 million, making them the largest contributor to the ‘No on 522′ campaign.

Along with fighting transparency in our food, the GMA is now under fire for fighting full transparency behind the sources of their monetary donations. A Washington non-profit group called “Moms for Labeling” filed a lawsuit against the ‘No on 522′ campaign last month, accusing its main donor, the GMA, of laundering donations from its members and concealing the identities of the campaign’s donors.

“It’s time these companies realize that the fight is worse than the label,” said Scott Faber, executive director of Just Label It. “Consumers deserve the right to know what they’re eating and feeding their families.”

A petition targeting many of the GMA’s members, launched in August, demands that Monsanto, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Pepsico and 60 other major food and chemical companies stop trying to keep Americans in the dark about which products contain genetically engineered ingredients. The petition has collected more than 100,000 signatures to date.



Just Label It says "We Have the Right To Know"

Most Americans haven’t been told about some of the ingredients that are in the food they eat. So it's no wonder that 92% of Americans want to label genetically engineered foods. If more of us speak out about why we care about the food we put in our own bodies and in our children's bodies, then we can convince the FDA to change its policy. Watch this video, featuring celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Julie Bowen, Chevy Chase, Tom Colicchio and many more to hear why we have the right to know what’s in our food.

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