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Hans Guttmann has been cooking and consuming food for a long time. He is happy to share his experiences, which are based on common sense. The All-Food Diet is his first book.  He studied Astronomy, Physics, and Mathematics at the Woodstock Country School, Hampshire College, and The Evergreen State College before ending up a lowly computer programmer.  He sings and plays Mandolin in a variety of settings.  He resides in Minneapolis, when he's not camping on the beach in Mexico with his VW pop top.

You can find the All Food Diet Book on Amazon and get more information at the All Food Diet Blog.

Grant Donovan is a health and fitness enthusiast and the founder His mission is to empower men to get the most out of their lives by staying active and eating healthy. Find Grant on Facebook and Twitter.

Kathryn has a deep passion for growing, cooking, and eating healthier food, and encouraging others to do the same.  Having gardened all her life and grown lots of her family's own food, she's at a transition point of sharing the bounty with others thru education and Laughing Duck Farm.

Kathryn's focus in college was biology/botany/fine arts. Later she became a master gardener/composter then was certified in Permaculture design.  Kathryn believes that farms should become thriving ecosystems completing the nutrient cycle by building the soil with compost and animals, saving seeds, and reaching out to the community.  Likewise, she strongly advocates that communities need to embrace, create, and secure the farms of today to survive for the future.

Kathryn Kos, NTP is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through NTA. She sees clients locally in her Ballston Spa, NY office, and worldwide through skype consultations. Kathryn specializes in healing digestion, hashimotos thyroid, and hormone balancing. Kathryn blogs over at where she shares real food recipes, and also has blogged extensively about raising primally inspired children. She wrote an e-book entitled "Joshua's Primal Lunchbox" where she shares over 50 real food school lunch and snack ideas. Kathryn participated in a Primal Cooking Workshop series with world known authors and chefs. She is a mother of 2 young boys, self proclaimed "primal foodie" and enjoys bass fishing, crossfit, and hot yoga. 

Link to e-book:
Primal cooking workshop:

Jeanette Bronée is a Self-Nourishment Expert and founded Path for Life in 2004 in an effort to bring more conscious awareness to our own power for healing and how our choices affect us. Her integrative mind-body integrate the 3 key elements essential for lasting change: Food Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit Shifting. She developed the 9-step Path For Life Self Nourishment Program, which gently guides and encourages her clients through the process of transforming their relationship with food, -and with themselves. 


Sarah Bedell Cook is a Naturopathic Doctor. It is the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine that guides her view of nutrition, health, and environmental issues. She believes in the healing power of nature, that prevention is the best medicine, and that we must consider the whole person -- and the whole planet. She is an instructor at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado, a staff writer for the Institute for Responsible Technology, and maintains a blog


Bryn is an independent journalist and copywriter focused on food, wellness and creativity. She shares recipes, kitchen wisdom and culinary inspiration on her blog.

Molly Patrick is the co-founder of She takes the boring out of healthy and specializes in the Whole-Food Plant-Based diet. Molly creates meal plans and provides weekly inspiration through her popular newsletter and blog. Molly grew up in a teepee in New Mexico and has never eaten meat in her life. She prides herself on being inclusive and never preachy or judgmental about food. 


GMWatch is an independent organisation that seeks to counter the enormous corporate political power and propaganda of the biotech industry and its supporters. We do this through our website, our email lists, our Powerbase portalLobbyWatch, social media (like Twitter and Facebook), and other outreach and campaigning activities. GMWatch was founded in 1998 by Jonathan Matthews and its managing editors are Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson.

The Alaska Grow Bucket is the easiest self-watering container system that anyone can use to grow their own food. Alaska Grow Buckets use capillary action of a soiless grow-medium to draw water from below up to the plant roots. The Alaska Grow Bucket has a unique yet very simple design. Construction is much easier and takes less time than other complicated bottom watering container systems. A free guide with complete step by step instructions is available for viewing and download here.

113 results - showing 71 - 80
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